Re: [orca-list] accessible login

Accessible login appears to be broken on every Linux distribution. As
Will points out, this is an issue with distributions. Nevertheless, it's
a serious issue for accessibility.

The email below discusses Ubuntu. At the Gnome A11y Summit this weekend
we verified that Suse is broken. My own experience indicates that Fedora
7 and Fedora 7.91 are broken.

Now that our assistive technologies have passed from mostly
developmental software into the realm of usable tools for real people
with disabilities, this situation is no longer tolerable. We must call
on all distributions to institute procedures to insure that accessible
login gets fixed and stays fixed. This will require regular testing, as
there are many ways to break accessible login.


Willie Walker writes:
Hi Guy:

The last time I looked, accessible login was broken on Gutsy.  I sent 
information off to the Ubuntu folks for tracking the problem down, but 
I'm not sure where they stand with it right now.

There's some information on Accessible Login here:

Hope this helps,


PS - Accessible login does indeed work - I've tested it on OpenSolaris.

Guy Schlosser wrote:
Hey all, how do you enable accessible login in Gutsy?  After I 
updated last night, I now have the login sound, but orca does not 
start automaticly.  Any suggestions?  Also, is there something that 
needs to be done in order to have Orca read items where you have to 
be root to administer?  Finally, one last question.  I noticed that 
firefox 3 was in the Gutsy universe repos.  Why isn't that updated 
after alpha7.  Alpha 8 has been released and a9pre is 
current.  Thanks much in advance for any help.



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