[orca-list] searching mail archives

Hi Folks, I thought instead of asking yet another question on the 
mailinglist, I would search through the archive first, because I recall 
it was mensioned before. (audacity and orca)

Only to find out that the search facility is actually broken.
I had noticed this previously, but I thought maybe it was a temporary 
thing, but it seems to be rather perminant.

Yes i could download the mbox files and get mutt to search through them, 
but i was hoping for a quicker solution.

The actual notice reads:
"NOTICE (2006-07-08): We're re-building the archive search indexes 
(again). It bombed out silently last time leaving lockfiles in place 
(and archives unsearchable).
Please bear with us while we try to get it sorted out. -- GNOME sysadmin 

Have they really been working on this for over a year?

Also, would it be possible to create a orca-announce list, so we dont 
have to keep deleting half a dozen emails all asking about the state of 
the current unstable live cd.

Thanks for your help


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