Re: [orca-list] eSpeak, Speech-dispatcher, Orca and voice variations in Gutsy

Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
I decided to try running speech-dispatcher in Orca. I am running the
speech-dispatcher that ships with Ubuntu Gutsy. I have tried changing
the default voice type in speechd.conf to FEMALE1, but both Orca and
spd-say still speak with the male voice.

Hi Lorenzo, the prefered method to change voice in Orca with SD is
through Orca preferences.  I believe Gutsy should include the versions
of SD and Orca which support it.  Let me know if it does not work.

As Lukas wrote, there probably is a problem with setting the espeak
default voice, but this should not be a problem for Orca users, since
Orca sets voices directly by name.

Best regards, Tomas

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