[orca-list] orca has stopped working with pidgin, details in the mail

hello all,
I am confused if this is a problem with the orca script for pidgin or
pidgin itself.
when I try to start pidgin from my ubuntu 7.10 gutsy laptop, I don't
get any thing except the password prompt.
now I am wondering if the pidgin main window is not accessible to orca
or if it is not coming up at all.
I have a problem with my gmail account which is not loging in and so I
want to disable that account and use my yahoo account.
but for that I must at least get the pidgin main windows to access the
accounts menu.
want what could be the problem?
is the windows appearing some where in the top bar as an embedded
component which orca can't access or is there some thing totally
different happening.
I am sorry if this is offtopic which is possible if the problem is
nothing to do with orca.
but I need to get this working.

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