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I got my computer back with my discovery of Jaws and Window Eyes in 2000.  They were only demo’s but it got me back up to speed enough to get through the computer training course at the Hines VA Blind Rehabilitation Center in 2001. I came home from Hines with a new Dell Dimension 4100 with Magic screen magnification on it. This and a lot of road kill allowed me to learn computer repair on my own. I have reached the point I am comfortable building my own from the ground up.


I’ve had a peek at Linux through my hand held magnifier and a Knoppix 3.3 Live Cd. The Knoppix 3.4 “Speakup” Iso I downloaded would go into a kernel panic and crash before reaching the desktop which left me with the feeling I was trapped in Windows by my impairment. Looking for an alternate OS for my newest build, I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 7.1. The alternate version included Kmag, which I found difficult to use. Since then I’ve come across Linux Mint which includes Orca. I enabled Orca for the install and had issues with the default “Split” view. I was able to get through the first few screens by pressing Enter when I couldn’t reach the button on the screen, but got hopelessly tied up at the Time settings and had to shut down to get out. Is Split view the only option for magnification? I also tried to enable speech. Are the magnification and speech intended to be used together?


I’m not a programmer, and wouldn’t be much help on that end of development, but I am able to install my own programs and would be glad to test, make bug reports, and give my own personal views and suggestions, if that wil be helpful I will be glad to try to make a contribution to your project.


Jeff Malewski

jmlwsk toast net  

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