Re: [orca-list] Reading pdf's with Javier's script

As stated below, or may be just:
dos2unix <scriptname>

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Mike Gorse wrote:

Hi Herman,

It looks like you have carriage returns in your script.  Try something 
tr -d \\r <scriptname >a
mv a scriptname

where scriptname is the name of your script.  Or you can just remove the 
carriage return characters in an editor if it displays them at the ends of 
the lines.

  -- Mike Gorse / AIM:linvortex / --

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Hermann wrote:

I followed the description on the Orca wiki, that Javier gave to read
PDF files with gedit.
I installed python-dogtail and copied the script in an editor.
Invoking the script results in the folowing error message:
bash <scriptname> /usr/bin/python^M: Bad interpreter: No such file or
What's wrong?
Performing the operation manually, as Javier describes, works well.

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