Re: [orca-list] repeat characters

Sorry, resending as I used the incorrect from address so this mail wouldn't have made it to the list.

bart ursys com au writes:

I was using espeak and gnome terminal.

Try the string


I have an interface I'm trying to use which has a description at the
front of the line followed by a series of dots then the character to
hit to activate the menu.  Note that there is no space between the
series of dots and the character denoting which key to hit.

FWIW I'm using svn orca.



Mike Pedersen writes:
 > Hello Bart, 
 > > Can someone tell me why when i have a lot of dots such as ....... orca doesn't recognise them as a 
segment of repeated characters?
 > > 
 > > This works fine for example if they are dashes?
 > can  you give us an example of where you are having this problem?  I
 > just tested this in gedit using orca and espeak and got the expected
 > behavior.  
 > thanks
 > Mike

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