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luyolo kamati write:

I want to know how to localize Orca .I will be doing this in isiXhosa.

There two aspects to consider if you translate orca. First, you have to
use the intltool to create or modify th po files which contain the
translations. If you have checked out the orca sources from svn you
should enter the »po« directory and proceed following steps:

(1) Create the pot file:
    intltool-update --pot
(2) Rename the pot file to xh.po:
    mv orca.pot xh.po
(3) Editing the file, creating the translation:
    vi xh.po
(4) Convert the file to UTF-8 (you can skip this if it's UTF-8 already):
    msgconv -t UTF-8 xh.po > && mv xy.po
(5) Check the file for errors
    msgfmt -cv -o /dev/null xh.po

I assume xh is the appropriate ISO 639-1 code for your language but I am
not sure about this.

The second aspect to consider is the fact that a lot of strings that are
 translated are spoken. Therefore you first should check out if there is
a speech engine that supports your language.

To add a new translation to the orca svn repository requires to have a
svn translator account. Usually you have to have some experiences in
translating before such an account is given to you. The best way to get
involved is to contact the GNOME Translation Team or the Translation
Coordinator for your language. This page might give you more information:

Best regards, Jochen
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