Re: [orca-list] main window redesign

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:

The issue, as I recall, is that a sighted user who doesn't know what a
screen reader is might start it up out of curiosity ("Orca" is a cool
name, and the logo is simply charming, etc.) and the next thing you know
the computer won't shut up, and there's no apparent way to cause it to
do so other than to reboot (because said group of curious folks have not
learned how to kill processes).

It was even more than that. Say you are trying out Orca for the first time.
There's no small window with "Preferences" or "Quit" or it. How do you
know what to type to bring up the Preferences dialog or quit the application?

Experienced Orca users learn the keyboard equivalents. They turn off the display of the main window. I don't consider this is something we should fix, because personally I don't think it's broken, but when it comes to Orca UI, I'll take a
backseat to whatever gets decided.

I can understand that the speed of display of the Preferences dialog is not
fast enough for some people (especially if they are using an old computer
with only 256 Mb of memory - hi Hermann!). We can look to see if there
is anything we can do to improve things there.

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