Re: [orca-list] main window redesign

Hi Cody,
Do you mean that you should have the different prefs as menu items
rather than dialogs? If not, i don't quite see why you should have a
menu bar with those prefs on when you could for example just have a tool
bar with buttons pointing to the different dialogs.
Just a thought.

Cody wrote:
Hi all,
  I have taken a close look at the orca preferences window and I really
think in my humble opinion that it could stand some redesigning, and
here is waht I mean. Instead of opening a small window with 2 buttons,
why have the window at all if would can jsut press insert with space?
Instead of this method, I think having one main window with a menu bar
say something like, speech menu, magnifier menu, options menu, etc would
be more efficient. The huge dialogue box takes quite some time to load
on my 2.8 ghz celeron machine, and the way I see it, as soon as orca
starts, the main window appears and boom, all the prefs are split up
into menus without pressing anything...can this be done?


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