Re: [orca-list] New Evolution script not stable

Hi hermann,

I was reading my new messages this morning, and I found that the new
Evolution feature is not working as it should.
Sometimes the cursor isn't placed in the first line of the message, and
I hear "Message contains HTML, area grayed".
This ocurs only in a few messages. In those which are not announced that
way, the feature works.
Really strange is the following: When I reopen such a message, I don't
hear the above statement again, and the cursor is placed correctly.
Any ideas?

I think Evolution "needs work". Will and I saw a couple of things yesterday
that seem really broken:

I found the following problem:
1/ Start Orca
2/ Start Evolution (you'll need a few messages present in the mail box you're reading).
3/ Get focus to the mail message header list and to a particular message.
4/ Press Return to show that message in its own window.
(Orca will now position the focus and text caret on the first line of the message
  body and speak/braille it).
5/ Press Control-d to delete that message.
6/ Another message is displayed in a separate window BUT the actual
  message that is selected in the mail header list is totally different.

Will also mentioned:
"I'm seeing that the message shown in a separate window has no relation
to the message selected in the message summary list.  For example, I can
press Ctrl+{PageUp,PageDown} in a window dedicated to a message, and I
don't see the message summary list in the Evolution main window update

I'm currently not sure what the best thing to do here is (with regards to Orca).

I am going to file a couple of Evolution bugs on these bugs/features though.

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