Re: [orca-list] installing ubuntu feisty fawn beta

Didnn't know I could use it on edgy, I've been trying to update orca but it says that some files are missing. I've installed the gnome python developement thing that it said to do. When I update orca it says that it's checking files and it says that some aren't found and that I needed to copy some. I figured that installing feisty fawn would aliminate having to do this. Also when I restart how will I know it's the newest version of orca? Thanks,

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Why installing Feisty for the use of Firefox 3? This program works with
Edgy too, and Feisty delivers FF, where the accessibility
features don't work.
My testing of the Beta Feisty showed, that it isn't usable at all, I
think I mentioned it here.

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