Re: [orca-list] installing ubuntu feisy fawn beta

I don't quite understand. What exactly do I need to type? I'm very new to linux, is there a step by step guide I could read on this? Also will orca update itself or will i have to do it after it upgrades? Thanks,

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Hello Mike

On Mon, Mar 26, Mike Reiser wrote:

I'd like to install the feisty fawn beta so I can use firefox3 and the latest version of orca. Can I just install the latest version of ubuntu over the previous version of ubuntu I already have? Do I follow the same procedure for installing edgy with orca or has something changed? Thanks,

Not quite. You can easily upgrade by using apt. Change each occurrence of the word edgy with the word feisty then run apt-get update. Then from there you can run apt-get dist-upgrade. This will update your system to feisty. If you have any trouble there are folks arround on the list who can help. Let us know how you make out.


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