Re: [orca-list] Menu item spoken before some entries.

As an addition or alternative to the hot key approach, what do people think of the idea of having Evolution just automatically positioning the caret at the top of the message content rather than at the top of the message headers? The Evolution developers might be amenable to this idea.


Rich Burridge wrote:
Hi Darragh,

Finally, I have a request:
I would really love it if I could tell Orca to skip the message header
information such as from, to, subject etc and start reading the
message.  I find it a bit annoying at the moment and although it could
be my lack of experience with the graphical interface, I find that the
results when pressing F6 to jump to the preview pane can be somewhat
inconsistent.  Example, Sometimes it's at the top of the message
header but other times it's half way down.

We (the Orca team) discussed this yesterday evening. It's a good idea.
If I remember correctly, the consensus was to have a special "hot key"
in the Evolution script, that would take you to the start of the actual
message (so we didn't have to keep tabbing and arrowing over the
message headers.

I've opened up bug #422487 on this.

Please add further thoughts and comments there.


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