[orca-list] Menu item spoken before some entries.

Good afternoon,
Firstly, I have to say wel done. I'm really impressed at the level of
dedication shown by the developers of Orca.  Just reading through the
Change Log really demonstrates the commitment that people like Willy
Walker have to this project.  I'm continually impressed by the strides
this software is making. There is a lot to do but a hell of a lot is
happening each time I revisit it.

Now, on to my observation:
I'm using FC6 with all updates applied.
I'm using the latest version of Orca downloaded from SVN last night.
The last entry in the Change Log was the fix for the escape key bug in
learn mode. Well done on that one as well. It's great to see a fix
applied so quickly.

When arrowing around some menus Orca says Menu Item before the text
that should be spoken.  Example, in Evolution, press alt space and
arrow around the menu.  Orca says Menu item before saying restore.
This seems to be intermittent.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it a fantom on my system.

Finally, I have a request:
I would really love it if I could tell Orca to skip the message header
information such as from, to, subject etc and start reading the
message.  I find it a bit annoying at the moment and although it could
be my lack of experience with the graphical interface, I find that the
results when pressing F6 to jump to the preview pane can be somewhat
inconsistent.  Example, Sometimes it's at the top of the message
header but other times it's half way down.

Thanks again.


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