Re: [orca-list] No cursor routing in Firefox

Hi Hermann.

It is a known issue:
Will has created a patch and attached it to that bug.  In my experience,
the patch works pretty reliably, but it has not yet been checked in.

Have you ever applied patches before?  If so, feel free to ignore the
following; if not....

If you go to the bug above you'll find a link under comment 1 called
"Created an attachment".  If you follow that link, the patch will be
displayed.  Do a Save As to save that page.  Assuming you saved it to
your desktop and didn't rename it, you would then:

1. cd into your Orca directory (e.g. ~/orca)
2. patch -p0 < ~/Desktop/patch.414738 
(You should get a line that indicating that was patched)
3. sudo make install

To reverse/undo a patch you do the same thing.  However,  instead of
getting a line indicating that such-and-such file (in this case was patched, you'll be given a prompt indicating that a
reversed or previously applied patch was detected, "Assume -R?"  type
"y" and hit enter.  Then sudo make install.

Hope this helps.  And if it solves the problem you were having -- or if
there are cases in which it doesn't -- add a comment to the bug.  


On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 17:42 +0100, hermann wrote:
Hello all,
when pressing numpad minus normally the flat review gets routed to the
focus. This works in most applications, with one exception - Firefox.
When I open any homepage, place the caret on any element and then press
numpad minus, the flat review is on top of the page, and I read "tool
tip". In fact it is placed one line above the menu bar. Clicking on that
"tool tip" is the same as pressing Alt+F1.
Is this a known issue?

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