[orca-list] Automatic switching languages in orca


I would like ask if developers of orca plan add to orca automatic
languages switching. It will be very useful for reading multi-lingua
texts etc... One example:

On http://eurochance.brailcom.org you can find intermediate courses
English or German for blind and visually impaired. In each unit you can
find multi language text as grammar explanation or vocabulary. The
vocabulary is table where on one row is English on the left and Czech on
the right. If you will move up or down you can hear English first and
then Czech translation. In HTML is tag which says that English string is
"en" language and Czech "cs" language, so Firefox can knows which
language is possible to use.

In speech dispatcher which now experimental works with orca we have
mechanism for runtime language switching so if orca ask speech
dispatcher then can it works.

What do you mean about?



Jan Buchal
Tel: (00420) 24 24 86 008
Mob: (00420) 608023021

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