Orca Iceweasel and Firevox


I try firefox with orca and firevox .xpi extension. My configuration:

- Debian amd64 testing
- Orca last svn snapshot
- Speech system speechdispatcherfactory
- Firevox, last release (clc-4-tts_bundle_v3.0_release.xpi)
- Iceweasel debian package

I installed firevox in iceweasel OK. In menu I see firevox items and
copied self_voice.py to .orca/orca-scripts/Firefox.py

But if I works with Iceweasel then very often orca or something stall.

What I can do?



Jan Buchal
Tel: (00420) 24 24 86 008
Mob: (00420) 608023021

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