Re: Orca orca startup problems

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 08:26:39PM +0100, hermann wrote:
Hello Chris,
did you install Feisty on your hard drive, or do you run it from the CD?
I installed on hard drive.  
If you installed it, did you upgrade from Edgy?
If so, did you make a backup of Edgy?
Remember: Feisty is still experimental, so I wouldn't recommend to
install it. You should wait till the final version is released.
I have it on an experimental partition, so I could easily scratch it and 
load edgy.  
You must start Orca from within the graphical display, the only 3 things
you can do from the console is to display the help page, to display the
version and to do the first time setup.
Thanks for that info.  Perhaps I can start it from within a 
gnome-terminal and see what messages are displayed.  
Seems as though I should be able to get this to work somehow.

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