Re: Orca Some lacks in translation to German

Hello Hermann

hermann schrieb:
where can I correct a lack in translation of Orca to German?
When I press the space key, i hear the word "space", but pronounced in
German, which sounds a bit silly. But when I move the cursor over a
space, for example in this text, i hear the correct German word,
"leerzeichen". Is there a way to correct this? In /orca/po/de.po there
is the correct translation, however it isn't invoked all the time (see
my explanation).
Do I have to add something?

I am not familiar with orca and I am no Python expert at all but my very
first guess is this:

getKeyName(key) in file is responsible to map keys to
localized words but there is no entry for the space key. So I guess Orca
recieves somehow a »space« event from the system (which can't be
localized), tries to map it with getKeyName, but getKeyName just returns
»space«, since there is no map entry. There is an entry in,
but it maps only " " to »space«. That might be a reason why a »space«
from an event is not localized.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to build Orca from the sources yet but
maybe a approach to solve the problem is to an a line like:

_keynames["space"]       = _("space")


_keynames["space"]       = _("Leerzeichen")

into If you insert the first line, there has to be an entry
in the po-file which maps  »space« to »Leerzeichen«; the second line
would just be a very dirty hack, I guess.

But I may be completely wrong. Dear developers on this list please
excuse this naive mail. I definitely don't want to critise your work,
but I am trying my very first steps to understand Orca. So please don't
deal too severely with me if I wrote nonsense in this mail.

Jochen Skulj
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