Re: Orca Settings dialog is partially unreadable

Hi Hermann,

what happened to the Orca preferences dialog?
The tab Speech is partially unreadable. All synthesizer settings can't be adjusted. Orca doesn't show them, neither braille nor speech. You can see them in flat review, but clicking on them doesn't bring them up, so no changes can be made. Something went wrong I guess. A similar problem exists in the key bindings tab. The first point, the Orca key, is not reachable.
I think a fix is needed urgently.
I use the latest Orca, about an hour ago.

If you are checking out of Orca SVN trunk/HEAD, you could have been caught in the middle of the large refactor I've just done. Hopefully it's complete now, but things are going to be in a state of flux in HEAD for a few more days as we checkin all the various changes we've been waiting to do (but couldn't because of the various freezes leading
up to GNOME 2.18).

It's probably safest to check out of the GNOME 2.18 branch (unless you like living on the
bleeding edge 8-) ).

% svn co svn+ssh://

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