Re: Orca N00B: How to copy/paste a terminal screen all at once?

Hi Lorenzo,

Sorry I'm kinda new at this, but I need to copy a backtrace generated by
a debug run of firefox 3.0 which is crashing before it even starts.  The
problem is I am running the gdb session from within gnome-terminal, and
no matter what I do I can only seem to select a character, a word or a
line at a time to be copied and pasted into gedit.  At this point, the
only way I know to select any text at all in the terminal is by using
the Orca mouse keys, but 1 click selects the character the mouse/flat
review cursor is on, 2 clicks select the word and 3 clicks select the
line.  4 clicks clears the selection entirely.  Is there a way to extend
the selection or another way to select the text without having to use
the flat review keys?

Maybe take a slightly different approach. Start a "typescript" file by first running

% script

then run

% gdb firefox

then when it crashes type

gdb> where

(or whatever gdb commands you want), then

gdb> quit
% exit

The final exit should close the "typescript" file which you can then
attach to a bug report or forward to the list.

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