[orca-list] Installing Orca

I've tried the instructions at:

The problem is that when I sudo su it doesn't read anything. When I then
quit with insert+q and restart orca from the root terminal session I just
initiated, I only get speech while not in the terminal. If I type "ubiquity"
in the terminal I get no speech.
This started to work for me once, then ubiquity stopped speaking so I
rebooted. Now things have just gotten flakier and flakier each time I
So much for linux' stability. Y sure linux is fine, but this gnome thing is
a  horrific beast. Its amazing it works for anyone...

Sorry, this is just rediculously frustrating...
-- Rich

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Guy Schlosser wrote:
I then got excited, added the module (espeak, not espeak-generic),
set it as my output module, then rebooted.

Just restarting Speech Dispatcher is often better.  If you prevoiusly
installed SD from a debian/ubuntu package, a simple command will do the

/etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher restart

Note, that the current version of Orca will hang when SD is restarted
like that.  This is fixed by my patch at

.  Without this patch,
you should kill orca first and start it after restarting SD.

Now, I have no speech, even when I switch back to

That's quite strange.  Did Gnome Speech work for you before?  Anyway,
you should be able to test whether Speech Dispatcher works simply using
the spd-say command.  For example:

spd-say hello

Does this command say something or produce an error?

You may also want to turn on Orca debugging in ~/.orca/user-settings.py
by removing the leading hash at line:

#orca.debug.debugLevel = orca.debug.LEVEL_CONFIGURATION

Running orca from terminal may then reveal what's wrong.

You may also try reconfiguring orca by running orca -t.

I want to compile the new
Espeak, just so I have the most recent installed.  Do I do
./configure, make, and make install there too?

Yes, if you had the required dependencies installed in your previous
configure step, the module should be built automatically.  Check the
configure output...

Hope that helps, Tomas
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