Re: [orca-list] pinpointed problem with orca being unresponsive

It may not even be Orca that's having the problem. For instance I have
exactly this same problem with Speakup driving a Doubletalk LT over the
serial port.

What speech are you reporting this against?

Jon writes:
I can confirm that gnome-terminal behaves as described below, on my 

While small/medium amounts of data is output to the terminal it is still 
possible to get Orca to quieten down.
It seems once it reaches over a certain amount, (or refreshed/outputted 
rappidly), Orca fails to fall scilant.
I have seen this occur when dist-update for example, or encoding with 

If i regularly press control to scilance it will empty the buffer and 
read more recent data, wheras if it is left for a longer period to read, 
pressing control will not make Orca catch up.


On Wed 25/07/2007 at 22:50:01, Mike Reiser wrote:
I believe I have pinpointed the place where the unresponsiveness/slow down of orca occurs.  It seems to 
happen after I go into the terminal window.  When I go into terminal, orca works good for a bit but then 
it will start reading for example, and when I press control to silence speach it does not respond.  Also, 
it fails to read when I read by character in the window.  It continues this behavior if I leave terminal 
open and go to another application.  However, if I exit out of terminal and press the key to bring up the 
orca preferences, orca starts behaving normally.  I'm using orca2.19.5 although this behavior has 
happened since I installed ubuntu.  I can verify that this is not because of ubuntu running in the vm 
session, as it happened on a friend of mine's computer and he has ubuntu dool booting.  Just was 
wondering if anyone else has experienced this and can recommend a fix?  
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