Re: Orca orca not reading firefox text

Hi Don:

I see you are using Firefox 2.0.  We are focusing solely on Firefox 3.0
at this time.  Please keep in mind that Firefox 3.0 is still a work in
progress from both the Firefox 3.0 internals and the Orca internals
standpoints.  We're all working very hard on it right now, but it is
still going to take some time (i.e., read that as "it is not ready for
prime time yet").

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 21:43 -0700, Don Raikes wrote:
      I was just trying to browse the mozilla site to learn a bit about
building mozilla projects.

As I was reading the following page, I ran accross several places where
"source" code was displayed, i presume using the <code> tag.
Orca did not read any of this text.


orca latest from svn as of last night.

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