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Hey All:

My focus for Orca has been limited to providing compelling access to office productivity applications, so MUD is definitely something that would not have been on my RADAR screen.

What we're seeing here, however, is one of the many values of open source and the ability of a community to work well together in a productive and helpful way. I think it is fantastic that Javier has written a script for MUD, and I encourage others to jump in and contribute to areas that they might want to explore.

For areas to consider where you might help, we've created a "How Can I Help?" section on the Orca WIKI: http://live.gnome.org/Orca. It includes suggestions for both the technical and non-technical person.

I'm also open to discussions on improving the core of Orca itself. We can learn a lot by looking back in time and learning from our successes and failures. What may seem stupid now may have been a hard decision to make back then, but at least we made a decision and moved forward. :-) In addition, we can all keep adding value to Orca for each other by working together. This stuff gives me goosebumps.

Thanks Javier!


Dorado Martínez wrote:
Hi all
I am using gnome-mud, is included in Ubuntu Edgy universe repository and is GTK based
So Orca can works with it prety well! You can also get it from http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/gnome-mud

However, I have made a little script to improve the user experience using this application with Orca.
The script automatically speaks the text as it arrives in the incoming text area, and keeps a list of the 
latest text spoken, so you can use alt 1 to alt 0 to speak the latest 1 to 10 messages. This script is 
similar to the Gaim one.
I have just filed it in bugzilla bug #410302 so you can give it a try. Download the attachment and copy it 
under ~/.orca/orca-scripts directory and test/comment it whatever could be improved or added.




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I don't see either of these programs on my Ubuntu system, but if they are console apps or gtk2 apps, they should work.


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