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Hi all 

I am using gnome-mud, is included in Ubuntu Edgy universe repository and is GTK based
So Orca can works with it prety well! You can also get it from

However, I have made a little script to improve the user experience using this application with Orca.
The script automatically speaks the text as it arrives in the incoming text area, and keeps a list of the 
latest text spoken, so you can use alt 1 to alt 0 to speak the latest 1 to 10 messages. This script is 
similar to the Gaim one.
I have just filed it in bugzilla bug #410302 so you can give it a try. Download the attachment and copy it 
under ~/.orca/orca-scripts directory and test/comment it whatever could be improved or added.





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I don't see either of these programs on my Ubuntu system, but 
if they are console apps or gtk2 apps, they should work.


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