Re: [orca-list] evolution tutorial

Hello John, 
How can I learn how to use evolution? I've got it configured to download
my mail but I don't know how to get to my Inbox. I know it's downloading
my mail because I got to my Inbox once by accident. I have no idea what
sequence of keystrokes made that possible though. I've been playing
around with it all day and haven't been able to reproduce them. 
Normally when you enter evolution you will be on the send/receive
button.  If you tab once from that point you wil be in a tree view of
your folders.  After you down arrow to your inbox you can shift+tab back
a couple times and see your messages.  
In order to make evolution easier to use I normaly go to the view menu
and enable caret mode and disable the message preview.  
Hope this helps

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