[orca-list] orca and cd burning tool, is this off topic?

hello again,
I am sorry if this post is off topic.
I want to know if I can create multi session disks with cd burning
feature of notilus.
when I try this I don't get any thing out.  so I am afraid as to,
1, may be orca is not reporting the cd burning (data cd ) window
properly and may be there is an option for create multi session disk.
in that case this email is not off topic *smile *.
2.  there is no such feature in gnome to do a multi session disk.
correct me if I am wrong but if there is a way to do this then please
tell me.
also tell me if k3b is accessible with orca?  or is there another way
to properly burn a multi session disk so that I need not loos my rw
also, I did not find any option to erase a re writable cd/dvd?

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