Re: [orca-list] sound on feisty

Michael Whapples writes ("Re: [orca-list] sound on feisty"):
As for what is being preferred for gnome, I don't know, but I would vote
for alsa.

On the level of kernal sound interfaces, Alsa should certainly be
prefered over OSS. Alsa has a user space library libasound that is
used for all communication with the sound system. Alsa is very
flexible and can be configured in many interesting ways. for example,
even with a simgle sound card, it is possible to expose several
virtual sound devices whose volume can be controlled independently.
OSS should really not be used anymore in new applications. Many, but
unfortunately not all, legacy applications work through the aoss

A user space sound daemon can be useful if the soundcard should be
shared over the network for example, but its former primary purpose of
allowing multiple local processes to access /dev/dsp is obsolete with

Best regards, Lukas

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