Re: [orca-list] Few sugestions about accessibility and orca

Hi Adam:

Thanks for taking the time to write up your comments!  Very helpful.

===What need absolutely to be modified :

-T2P doesn't say anothing when a key is pressed. For example, you
press "f", It doesn't say it. I think it should say it in any cases.

What is T2P?  I'm guessing this might be what we refer to as "key echo."
If you press Insert+Space (where "Insert" is the Orca modifier, and is
usually "Insert" for desktop layouts and Caps_Lock for laptop layouts),
you will get an Orca configuration dialog.  On this dialog, you can
adjust the key echo settings.

The echo is turned off by default, which may or may not be the right
thing to do.  What do people on this list suggest?  Should it be the
other way around (i.e., some key/word echo turned on by default)?  If
so, which echo settings should be enabled by default?

-orca/espeak doesn't work with ????? O_o !!!

It should!  Which operating system distribution are you using and which
version of OpenOffice are you using?

-The way T2S read menus and texts :
About menus : there is too many details that are said. Why need to
finish reading something that is unselected to read the thing being
selected ?

Something is odd here.  When you press any key, Orca should interrupt
speech.  If this isn't happening, something has gone wrong in the
accessibility infrastructure.  

About text : It read only entire line. Test yourself : close your eyes
and try to understand where you are in a 3-4 lines text !!! Normaly,
with CTRL + Arrow you read only one word, so you understand where you
are, but it still read the entire line.

When you arrow up and down, Orca will read the line you landed on.  When
you arrow left or right, Orca will speak the character or word that you
navigated to.  Can you provide more information about which application
you are using, provide some example text, and also describe what you are
doing to navigate it?

-Text-to-speech isn't launching at login like I asked by ticking the
corresponding case. I get a GTK1.0 window asking me something about a
package to install called "AT-SPI"...(but the package is

We'll definitely need to know more about which operating system
distribution you are using.  Some of them support accessibility better
than others.

Thanks for the comments, and we'll work to get you rolling soon!


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