Re: [orca-list] Broken Gecko script

Hi Hermann.

I just ripped out the new table logic. That admittedly did quite a bit of checking. Given a long page with a few "data" tables that needed to be checked for misidentification as data tables, there would indeed be a performance hit.

I'm not noticing the recognition of lists being any slower. All that change involved is seeing if a given list happened to be focusable before deciding it was the next/previous list. That's negligible. What I did see on the page is general sluggishness. Long pages take a while to traverse in the quest for a desired item. But I'll keep looking at this latter issue.

In general, finding ways to make web access "peppier" is definitely on our radar!


hermann wrote:
Hi all,
in revision 2272 there were certain changes to the Gecko script
regarding the recognition of list an tables.
Unfortunately it seems as if the script is broken. Searching for tables
results in locking up the page and after a few minutes you hear "no more
tables" altough there were tables.
The recognition of lists has become very sluggish.
I think the team should shift back to the former Gecko script.

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