Re: [orca-list] Orca non-text image links in FireFox 3.0

Wouldn't it be practical to have some of this info spoken automagically
when encountering an image link, for example the alt-text of the image
if it exists and else, fall back to announcing the address of where the
image points to, maybe shortened to a relative url like so:
/orca/download.html, or something like that? The rest could be
"where-am-i" info.
Just a suggestion.

Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks Hermann!  This sounds like something that might be considered 
"where am I" information.

Mike, do you think this kind of stuff should make it into the "Where am 
I" spec for web content?


hermann wrote:
Hi Will,
first it announces that the link is a graphic.
Second it says title and address.
Third it announces the context: "Body with x headings, y links". If
there are other elements too, it announces them also.
Finally it announces the HTML title, in my example the name of the page.
BTW: It's the second link on the page, the first is an internal link
pointing to the page content, which FF3 doesn't announce.

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