[orca-list] Orca doesn't stop speech at once when pressing the control key

the subject almost describes the issue: When I perform any action, Orca
often speaks all the former events, and pressing the control key doesn't
stop it, so I have to repeat the stop command.
This happens often in dialogs which seem to react sluggishly, for
example in Evolutionss preferences.
It also happens when I am reading a webpage in a text browser using
Gnome terminal. When I open the page, search for a link, follow it and
search for certain content, Orca chats me up, so that I've to bash my
control key again and again; I fear it will brake some day.
From several "screen readers from hell" I am familiar that pressing the
control key will stop all action imediately! I think this should also
happen in Orca.

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