Orca sbackup not accessable with orca

Yesterday at my Linux group I managed to download Simple Backup using the wireless card in my laptop I had a look at it when I got home with Orca but when I ran configure as there are two options on the Gnome desktop which are configure and restore, I couldn't get past the loggin prompt for my password as Orca stopped speaking and none of the keystrokes responded. Don't know if this application works with a much later version of Orca as I only have Luke's package, maybe someone else could find out and possibly add it to the list of accessable apps if it does and didn't test it with the command line. I am trying to find a naeche as regards Linux accessability but I am no programmer or perhaps I should say I don't have the knowledge to go into that sort of thing as I don't know Python and a lot of things I was considering doing ie putting together a list of accessable applications that work with Orca or testing Gnucash to see if it is accessable are already being done. The problem is I don't know what is and isn't treading on someone else's toes so to speak so if someone is doing a project would it be a bit annoying if someone else does something similar. Ben Fowler the chap at my LUG who has been doing most work to get me up and running with speech in Linux assures me I couldn't tread on anyone's toes but with many of the areas seemingly being covered by others I want to be sure that I am not encroaching on other people's work.

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