Re: Orca Thoughts on whereAmI: Quantity of Information

Hi folks.

accepted). So I think that we need two commands providing the same
functionality but with different level of verbosity. For instance, if
we press kp-enter once, we would hear just a short description of
where we are. but if we press that same key twice, we would get a more
technical description about the current window.

Sergei,  I see your point, and I do like the idea of the
double-keypress.  That, to me, makes a lot of sense.  It seems to make
sense to others too from the responses thus far. 

Assuming this were to be implemented, I guess the next question is
specifically what information should get spoken for each press of

I've already hinted at the sorts of things I think should be included in
what we're now considering as the first keypress.  I'd like to hear what
you all think.

As for the second keypress, maybe that winds up being all the
information Orca currently provides when you press KP_Enter??  I'm fine
with that, personally.  However, I would then like to make a slight
suggestion for consideration:  Currently Orca seems to provide that bulk
of the whereAmI information as a single utterance without pausing.  I
think a tiny pause in between items in the hierarchy would be helpful.
Something like:

soffice.bin application <slight pause>
Untitled1 - Writer frame <slight pause>
Untitled1 - Writer root pane <slight pause>
menu bar <slight pause>
File menu <slight pause>
Wizards menu <slight pause>
Item 7 of 9 <slight pause>
Euro Converter <slight pause>
shortcut Alt f w e

And by "slight pause," I'm thinking about the same amount of time Orca
pauses at a line break when you use KP Plus to read a document:  Just
enough to help you separate out the information in your mind.

What do y'all think?

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