Re: Orca on Edgy -- update

Willie Walker wrote:
Yeah Henrik!  Thanks much again for all your support.

At the GNOME Boston 2006 accessibility summit, we came up with an idea
that we'd like to propose to distributions that provide accessible
installs:  if an accessible install is used, enable accessibility
support (i.e., the /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility gconf setting)
in the default gconf schemas.  This will prevent the need to re-enable
accessibility for your login session.

Yes we do that now. The settings that you activate with F5 should also be active when you restart after install for the user account that you created during install. Additional setting that you activate during the Live CD session are unfortunately not carried over.

This is very new and still had some bugs fixed just yesterday and has AFAIK not been properly tested -- but in theory it works.

Another snag is that our installer hack designed to let the installer run orca as root turned out not to be very stable and has been removed. So we have to write some release notes describing the best way to launch the installer with accessibility. (sudo su; orca; ubiquity).


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