Re: Orca Well done guys

Hi bart,
  For web browsing, try out elinks. apt-get install elinks I use it it
is a text based web browser and I love it

CodyOn Fri, 2006-11-03 at 08:46 +1100, bart bunting net au wrote:

Just thought I'd take time to write and let the orca team know that
I'm very impressed with what they have achieved so far.

Currently I'm running Ubuntu Edgy with Orca.

I have Orca working with viavoice (using emacspeak speech server)
emacspeak running nicely and windows using vmware.  

I still need to use windows at the moment for the web browsing but
it's great to be able to keep my linux desktop and have windows
running at the same time.  Orca does a pretty good job of reading
vmware.  Some of the buttons in the dialogs aren't labeled they just
speak as "button" but you can work around that :).

Anyway well done!

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