Re: Orca Script for gconf-editor

Hi Javier ,

I am trying to make a script to improve the gconf-editor accessibility.
Gconf-editor is a program for editing the gconf registry. At first I found with a tree table that shows 
differents configuration's for programs, desktop, sound etc.
This table is made of two columns, first one with the name of the key to change and an icon, and the two one 
is the value for the  key selected.
The problem is that in value column at-spi seems not to access the text.
Anyone can verify this to file a bug for gconf-editor? Or is there any way to script this?

gconf-editor has an interesting layout (component hierarch-wise). Those
Name/Value pairs are in a table. Each row in the table contains two table cells
(the Name and Value). The first table cell (the Name) consists
of two other table cells (a small image and the text naqming
the gconf resource).

I'm reproducing what you found. That it doesn't speak the value
table cell. It appears to be speaking the table column header incorrectly too.

I've filed a bug in Orca (bug #342240) so this can be investigated further.

This might be a bug in Orca. If it's not, then we'll need to file a bug
against gconf-editor and see if we can work around it in an Orca script.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

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