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Hi all

Cody select the driver that you want to use from Orca, I suppose you want to use festival, so select it.
If everything is OK test-speech has to give some speaking through festival. So then you can use it from Orca.


On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 02:30:32AM -0700, Cody wrote:
MensajeI have done that, but the issue is when it asks to choose a server when I run the test speech I 
don't know what to type here.

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  Hi all

  Cody try to kill festival-synthesis-driver, sometimes Gnopernicus doesn't kill it appropiately and if you 
have run gnopernicus first you might have this problem.
  Then try to test-speech with the festival-synthesis-driver.

  Good luck

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    I have jusdt installed ubuntu 6.06. Gnopernicus works but Orca does not. I followed the instructions to 
get it installed and all dependencies, but it just doesn't want to speak. I tried running test speech, but 
its asking me what server I should use, and don't know what to type here. I tried to type 
festival-synthesis-driver, but nothing happened. Any suggestions? This is orca version 0.2.5



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