problem with Orca 0.2.5

Hi Willie and other developers

We're working to integrate gnome-orca in a local Linux distribution called
"Linex" for the "Junta de Extremadura" (a Spanish region).

Until now we've been working with 0.2.2 and 0.2.4 versions, being able to
fix the issues to make it work with Linex, adapting some things like
adding the spanish voice el_diphone, adding neccesary dependencies, fixing
a host access permission issue with festival --server, and other things,
and it worked well enough to be useful :)

As we'd like to include the latest possible version in the final Linex RC,
now we've trying 0.2.5, but have faced some new problems that were not in
previous versions:

* First of all, the added parameter in, to fix the threading bug,
in the line:


is not recognized by from the package python2.4-pyorbit we're
including in the distro (Version: 2.0.1-3linex1), so we'd have to take it
out to be able to start orca... But:

* When executing orca, afterwards, it get to the 100% CPU bug,
festival-synthesis-driver and festival --server running, etc... It just
says "bienvenido a Orca / Wellcome to Orca" and hang up, so we have to
kill manually those processes to recover the system.

In the past, we fixed a similar effect by adding the line:

(set! server_access_list '(".+"))

at the end of the file /usr/share/festival/init.scm, to avoid festival
--server rejecting the festival client connection when changing the name
of the host in /etc/hostname...

Other time we fixed that behaviour just rebooting after gnome-orca
installation, and it "magically" worked nicely then :)

But now we have no clue about the cause of the problem, so we cannot keep
testing 0.2.5 version untill we solve it. We plan to get the latest
gnome-orca version working so we can fix some bugs and adapt the new GUI
with some extra options to get the Linex final release as stable and
complete as possible. We'd like to help in some way to the official
gnome-orca development if possible.

Is there any known bug that can be causing that, and at least any way to
work arount it? any clue?

Well, that's it, thanks Willie and the other people involved the
development for the time and dedication to this grat project, and
congratulations for the right decision of joining efforts with the
Gnopernicus team for a unified Gnome accesibility framework :)

Free as in Freedom

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