Orca Revisiting keyboard commands for notebook keyboards.

Hi all
I think it is time once again to think about how we could implement 
keyboard commands for notebook keyboards. One thing that I am sure we 
are all very much aware of, is the fact that there are not many modifier 
keys to choose from, and not all notebooks have the insert key placed in 
a suitable position, or may not even have an insert key at all.

Another screen reader has decided to use the alt plus shift combination 
as key modifiers, and letters on several keyboard rows for 
line/word/character movement. This might be a viable solution for Orca. 
So I guess it comes down to 2 questions:
1. What key or combination of keys do you think could be used as 
modifiers for notebook keyboard use? If none, do you think Alt plus 
Shift is a viable solution?
2. What layout would you like to see the movement keys? Would U I O for 
line, J K L for word, and N M comma for character be appropriate, with 
other important keys situated around this group?

Thoughts and discussion welcome.
Luke Yelavich
GPG key: 0xD06320CE 
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