Re: getting orca included in gnome 2.16

Mike Pedersen writes:
We have been informed, however, that there can be only one screen
reader/magnifier in the GNOME desktop.

That's a rather outrageous attitude. Who made that decision?

Are they also prepared to have only one web browser? ONly one media
player? ONly one word processor? Only one email client application?

The day may come when there is but one screen reader on the GUI desktop,
but I rather doubt it given that both Gnome and KDE are likely to remain
with us. However, to proactively restrict inclusion while all manner of
other (sometimes only half-baked) applications are included rankles.

Frankly, it's an insult. This kind of grudging support for accessibility needs to be stopped
right now. In fact, it's a stretch to even call it "support."

Do these deciders  wonder that people in Massachusetts got so upset last
year over the simple move to an open file format. Given this kind of
attitude, they'll never change their minds

Always remember that just proclaiming, "we support accessibility,"
doesn't make it so. We will not judge by published proclamations but
rather by deeds.


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