RE: Orca Strange hang in Evolution

Hi I am receiving the same hang 100% of the time in evolution and I am using Gnopernicus. Each time I try and send an email out my speech hangs up. The messge gets sent however and with sighted help I can close the programs open on screen but have no speech.
I am using fedora core 5 and all the latest updates.

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Subject: Orca Strange hang in Evolution

Hi folks,
I'm seeing a reliably reproduceable hang in Evolution 2.6.1; However, I haven't filed a bug against Orca, because I'm uncertain as to whether this is an Orca issue, or a problem with evolution itself.
to reproduce:
1.  press control- r to reply to an existing message.
2.  When the text field has focus, press control-a to select all, and then press delete.
I am experiencing  a system hang 100% of the time after doing this procedure.

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