Re: Orca Strange hang in Evolution

Hi Al,

I'm seeing a reliably reproduceable hang in Evolution 2.6.1; However, I haven't filed a bug against Orca, because I'm uncertain as to whether this is an Orca issue, or a problem with evolution itself. to reproduce:
1.  press control- r to reply to an existing message.
2. When the text field has focus, press control-a to select all, and then press delete. I am experiencing a system hang 100% of the time after doing this procedure.

What's happening here is that Evolution is crashing and Orca is not handling it.
I've filed two bugs, one against Evolution and the other against Orca:

Bug #334190 - Evolution crashes when run with Orca (Control-r, Control-a, Delete).

Bug #344192 - Orca doesn't report on "Application has unexpected crashed" dialogs.

Thanks for reporting this.

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