Orca few bugs still in orca 0.2.6

Hello fellow listers,

  Sorry for the many emails I've been posting. I wanted to point out a
few things i have witnessed in orca 0.2.6, and wanted to see if you guys
have seen the same thing.

1. When selecting text, orca does not read what is being selected or
deselected. I do, however, think there is a fix for this, but only
supported in Open Office writer I believe. I'm talking about it
evolution as of now, it could also be happening in gedit but not sure I
will look into this later.

2. I am noticing a bug in 0.2.6 that when pressing space to open a combo
box, say in gaim or anywhere else, all I get is "no focus" and I do not
get feedback from the options in the drop down list. however, when I
press space again to exit the list, I see options have changed if I move
the list up or down.

These are all bugs I've seen as of now, has anyone seen these yet before
I report them to bugzilla?


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