Re: Orca problems with GAIM

Hey again.  Sorry for the back-to-back messages, but I wanted to pass along
the following: Your fix not only fixes the reported problem, but it works
with sound events in Gaim enabled.  Awesome!

Take care.

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Hello all, I've been doing some investigating into the problems that
some of you are having reading new messages as they arrive.  It seems
to be some sort of a focus problem that I've only been able to
reproduce a couple times.  If a few of you could test the following I'd
appreciate it.
When in a chat that is not reading try to flat review into the panel
near the top of the window where new messages appear.  At this point,
have someone send you a chat message or just type one yourself.  I
believe after doing this messages should be spoken as they arrive.
Thanks for any feedback.
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