Re: Orca Firefox 3 better accessible?

The released alpha version crashes every 5 minutes, and the quality 
feedback assistant is not accessible; so there was no testin.
I then downloaded a nightly build of FF 3, and this works stable on my 

You probably should stick with the latest nightly builds.  We're working
pretty closely with the Firefox team, and they just recently fixed a
major crasher.  The following link will always get you the latest

However: What is the diference regarding accessibility between FF 2.0 an 3?

The Firefox team is re-doing the accessibility support for FF3.

One difference I could figure out is that the letter "h" moves to the next 
heading and shift+h moves backward. But: If you press alt+h to access the 
help menu, you get read the next heading; you've to search for the menu bar 
and click "help".

The caret navigation that's build into Firefox is currently pretty poor,
and assistive technologies such as Orca are forced to write their own
navigation code.  :-(  We're still plugging away at this in Orca.

Thanks for the mention of Alt+h: our navigation model was erroneously
consuming this, and I just checked in a fix for it.  The fix is in GNOME
CVS HEAD and will not be in a formal release of Orca until v2.17.5 in a
couple weeks.

What's your experience with FF 3 and Orca?

Step by step and we'll hopefully get there.


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