Re: Orca troubbles by running orca

I compiled the gnome-speech-0.4.6 and try "test-speech".


At first, I must select a Speech Server, I select festival by pressing
1. After a fiew other settings, I hear a voice. Now I must select the

Great!  Which voice did you end up getting?  Was it kal_diphone?

voice, I pressing 1 and geht the following error:

** (process:4184): WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

It may be that Festival is dying because it is getting characters that
is doesn't expect.  Can you try logging in using the en_US locale and
repeating the test?  You should hopefully be able to select the locale
via some sort of "Options" menu on the login screen.  

In addition, if you can type 'script' before running the test, and then
Ctrl-D when you done, you can get a typescript of the test.  That might
contain useful information.

The error of orca is the same before.

Yeah, we need to get speech working first.



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