Making Orca the default screen reader?

Hi all,

Just wondering what would need to happen in order to get Orca officially added as part of the desktop, and to ultimately have it become the default screen reader for the gnome environment? I understand that gnome 2.14 was just released, and that Orca itself is still in prerelease status, so, this obviously wouldn't be a decision that would be made over night. however, I believe this should be given strong consideration for a number of reasons:

Orca is scriptible. The advantages of that fact alone are quite apparent. Although the program is still in its infancy, look at the level of accessibility it has already provided to popular desktop applications, such as Evolution, GAIM, and star office, just to name a few. Once the community begins scripting applications in earnest, the possibilities will be exciting to say the least.

It functions well out of the box, and there is virtually no learning curve. Most applications that feature a standard UI just work. The contents of dialogs are for the most part read automatically, and if need be, flat review mode provides a very intuitive means by which to
explore applications in greater detail.

Over all, I think most of us who have used the program thus far would agree that it already offers the most comfortable UI, as well as significantly more power and flexibility than the alternatives.

Again, I'm not sure how this process works, but if the input of the user community carries any weight, then I definitely count myself as someone who would like to see this happen.


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